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A message from the President

Crédit photo : Caroline Ablain / Pablo Diaz, Directeur de Sciences Po Rennes

Welcome to Sciences Po Rennes.

For 30 years, Sciences Po Rennes has carried out a public service mission of higher education and research. This anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on accomplishments. And on the future. Over the last thirty years, our students have become committed agents of change in the world, thanks to an innovative educational approach inspired by the Rennes model.

- A global outlook: The first institute of political science to make a third year abroad mandatory.

- Anticipation: creation of the Caen campus in 2012, specialized in transitions, including citizen consultation, urban innovation and the rights of future generations.

- Cooperation and combined learning: The first institute of political science to create a double degree with an engineering school in 2018 (INSA-Sciences Po Rennes) and a partnership with the Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique in 2021.

- Social and environmental responsibility: creation in 2019 of a compulsory first-year course on Climate challenges and the living world, and a commitment to equal opportunity: scholarship students make up 34% of our student body.

To look to the future, we need to be more innovative and creative than ever to offer future generations of students at our school an education that equips them to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

In a context of unprecedented vulnerability and uncertainty for humanity, Sciences Po Rennes will offer excellence in cross-disciplinary education in the humanities and social sciences for [leading citizens] ready to take action in the public, parapublic, non-profit and private sectors, equipped to explore and understand the complexity of our world and to protect it — change it, if necessary — in accordance with our humanist culture of universal knowledge, awareness, ethics, solidarity, responsibility and free will.

Pablo DIAZ

President of Sciences Po Rennes